Choosing the right offer is not so easy – when choosing a loan

This year’s picnic by arranging holidays and combining them with three days of vacation can give up to nine days off. It is a time that can be used for quite a good vacation, and not necessarily in a country where capricious weather can spoil vacation plans, but in a place where it is cheaper than during the holidays, but already warm enough to get a taste of summer.

A much more serious “damage” to the household budget can be organizing communion ceremonies for their child – on average families spend as much as USD 1,500 for this purpose. Remember that this celebration can also be an expense for invited family and friends – on average, guests give USD 300 as a gift.

Choosing the right offer is not so easy – when choosing a loan


The end of May spending is in June and falls on Children’s Day. Grandmothers and grandparents spend the most on this purpose, who in their present generously outperform their parents. An average gift is about USD 150, of which grandmothers and grandparents spend about USD 30 more on this.

Accumulation of May holidays and celebrations may cause deep drainage of the wallets of a Polish family. And May is really an announcement of further expenses. Let’s not forget that in May the wedding season begins, and June is the beginning of holidays and vacation expenses, the final of which falls on the August costs of school layettes.

So let’s manage your funds wisely and be prepared in advance for emerging opportunities that empty the portfolio of the average Pole. If we have not utilized the free financial resources, we can use additional financial support, i.e. a cash loan.

In this case, the cash loan is to be fast and not requiring unnecessary formalities, because it is not the time that we want to spend on analyzing offers, searching for a loan, collecting documents or waiting for the bank’s decision. It’s easy to fall into the trap here. Every loan – even the smallest one – is a commitment that will also accompany us after the May time goes away.

Regardless of the amount or period of the loan, do not let the priority of choosing the offer are only short waiting times and availability.

So let’s get yourself cheap money


With an installment that will optimally fit into your monthly budget. If it was to be additional cash when having other loans, it is worth combining several liabilities into one together with selecting an additional amount so that the paid installments do not strain home finances.

We must pay special attention to the provisions in the contract and APRC, i.e. the total cost of the contract. In this case, it is worth using the advice of a financial advisor who will not only explain what a given financial product is about, but above all will indicate the most important provisions in the contract.

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